Speed up Windows 10

  1. Start by turning Windows Update Delivery Optimization to off. Reason you wanna turn it off, is because the tool make it so your computer will be a peer 2 peer for other computers and send them windows updates. –
    Select Start  > Settings  > Update & security  > Advanced options > Delivery Optimization.
    Turn off the toggle under Allow downloads from other PCs.
Turn off network sharing for Delivery Optimization

2. This is not needed and only if you wanna block Windows 10 updates, good for VMWare machines, download Windows Update Blocker – get it here

Run it as a administrator and turn the settings like this

windos update blocker blocked

3. Download Debloat Windows 10, this one remove and unistall all windows pre-installed useless stuff like the games Candy Crush etc..
https://www.christitus.com/debloat-windows-10/ there is alos a video with a guide how to do it all –