I used to use my Support Bot for my Cleric, you can check my guide here

But now i only use Ashes for all my boxes/botters, Ashes gives you the ability to custom setup everything after your own needs. You can even setup custom buffs and use your own hotkeys ingame, below you can see my cleric setup of Healing and Buffs, i use Trigger Pixel for group members, so Ashes know when someone is low health and target that player and heal

Each group have its own custom actions

Where you can setup it like you want, you can even use Ashes and AFK kill things with Area scan and tab targeting and scan your target window, the only limit to Ashes is you self.

Ashes unluck so much in EverQuest and other games and let you controll 1 character and all other character you box do what you have set them up to do, its like playing with real players!

If you got any questions just PM me on discord

Used Ashes on my Enchanters to activate there stun rotation on pulls, so i only needed to concentrate on my puller

Then i used Ashes for my mages and wizards to AoE down

The possibility with Ashes is endless and you can set it up after your own needs and how you want it to act on diffrent things