for Live & TLP Servers including Coirnav, Phinigel, Agnarr, Selos, and Mangler

Dont sure? PM me on discord and i can give you a trail time, to test it out

Support Bot for TLP Servers will allow you to have a fully automated buff and heal! This bot will autoheal all your groupmembers when needed and it will recast buff on all groupmembers depending on which buff timer you pick, then sit to regenerate mana after the heal and buffs lands all without even lifting a finger! Only have one member in your group? No worries! Support bot will autodetect how many groupmembers are in your group and will adjust accordingly! All you need to do is simply enter the character names that are in your group in the bot!

Everyone that supports me now also get a Out of Group Healing bot


This bot works realy good with EverStick

Support Bots Current Features:

  • Autotarget groupmembers.
  • Autoheal all groupmembers
  • Autotarget groupmembers pet
  • Autoheal groupmembers pet
  • Heals yourself when low.
  • Avaible to disable healing and only useing it as a buff bot
  • Autosits after healing.
  • Detects how many members are in your group.
  • Support up to 8 buffs
  • Buff all groupmembers.
  • Pick which buff goes to who
  • Mark who got a pet in your group you wanna heal
  • Ability to setup your own hotkeys
  • Ability to autosit after each heal
  • Ability to pick which healing spell on who
  • Ability to pick which healing spell on which pet
  • Complete AFK Bot.
  • Works on all TLP servers including Coirnav!

Extra Features:

  • Comes with an Out of group healing bot
  • Comes with a tool to make EverQuest run fullscreen window mode (only need to run 1 time, works untill you Alt+enter – make EQ fullscreen)